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Welcome to St Nicholas CE Primary School, Hurst

At St Nicholas CE Primary School, we believe that we are all part of one nurturing family.  We are passionate about ensuring that all children are courageous and reach their potential, whatever their starting point.  We are a welcoming and inclusive school and aim to ensure that all members of our St Nicholas’ “family” have a positive and fulfilling experience at primary school.   

There is a strong focus on inclusion, kindness and respect for all.  Our teachers and teaching assistants ensure that all children are able to access the curriculum and are provided with the scaffolding needed to fully participate in school life.  Teachers are supported in identifying difficulties early and developing strategies to support children in all areas of their learning. 

The teachers and teaching assistants have created a supportive, friendly and nurturing classroom environment where all children to feel safe and know they are listened to. All staff understand the importance of safeguarding. 

As well as fostering positive links with our families, we also strive to build relationships with our neighbouring schools, including those within the Keys Academy Trust.  We have strong links with St Nicholas Church and the children enjoy multiple visits throughout the school year. 

We foster an “I can” ethos, believing that with the support and ensuring the foundations and basic skills are in place, the children will stand firm through the storms they face and enjoy great paths of opportunity ahead of them. 

We teach our youngest children to read in the earliest days through an embedded phonics curriculum. Once a child can read, not only can they can access the whole curriculum, but they can find themselves lost in a rabbit hole, riding the fastest steam train or transported into the most magical worlds. Reading for enjoyment and to learn hold equal importance. 

We have a supportive Governing body who are regularly seen in school and join classes on trips and for lessons. The Staff and Governors continually seek the views of pupils, parents, carers and visitors to our school. 

We are pleased to offer a varied selection of bespoke enrichment opportunities which include judo, fencing, zumba, music tuition and book clubs.  We also offer an after school provision through Get Active Sports Club who lead a varied timetable of activities which include craft, cooking and cricket.

We look forward to you visiting our school and starting your primary years with us at St Nicholas CE Primary School.


Mrs Sarah Hilling

Head of School

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