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At St. Nicholas CE Primary School, we teach French to Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. We have adopted The Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages. This outlines learning objectives which comprise three progressive core strands of teaching and learning over the four years of Key Stage 2:

  • Oracy - listening, speaking and social interaction. Initially, this is the most important strand for early language learning. This includes songs and rhymes as well as simple conversations or presentations.
  • Literacy - reading and writing. Children will develop a basic knowledge of the writing system of the new language and, in doing this, they reinforce the understanding of their own language.
  • Intercultural understanding - learning about a new culture and comparing it to their own.

In addition, two parallel strands are included:

  • Knowledge about language - applying understanding gained from the study of a new language and building on their knowledge of their own language.
  • Language learning strategies - developing awareness of strategies they can apply to learning any new language, or to learning in other subjects.