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Farewell to the Class of 2020

St Nicholas bids farewell to the Year 6 Class of 2020

Discussing the changes ahead in terms of the move to secondary school has been a major thread running through much of our learning. As well as informal discussion during art activities (sometimes the best time to catch up with pupils and ‘check in’ with their emotional well-being), we’ve had specific sessions on the move to Year 7. We watched ‘Upwards and Onwards’, a theatre production (brought to the hall by the magic of video download) and took part in an ‘It’s Your Move’ session, which was introduced by a personalised video from Ele Buckley, our Church Children & Families Worker. 

The final week of term will see a programme of events designed to replicate the usual end of term traditions. Pupils will design a mini-Olympics in place of their Sports Day, followed by a Variety Show to showcase a range of talents and an end of term picnic on the field, with pizzas supplied by The Castle Inn, just up the road.

The pupils have demonstrated such resilience during this unusual time, combined with a positive attitude to challenges. I know that the characteristics they have strengthened during their time in lockdown and in school will stand them in positive stead for their move to secondary school. We send our best wishes to all pupils as they start their new learning journey!